Irish word for penis

What is the Irish word for penis?

irish word for penis

A definitive ranking of Irish slang

Amadán (Omadhan) (n idiot, any Use? Comhluadar (CO-loo-der company, family. Bua (BOO-a victory, talent, virtue. The word itself seems to have the effect of adding encouragement to a conversation when introduced. Brasser (n woman of ill repute, who charges but a brass coin for her services Brickin' it (a nervous to the point of soiling oneself Brilliant (a great, best Brown Trout (n excrement Brutal (a terrible Bucket of snots (n a ugly person Bucketing (v. Now clean the floor there, will ye?" Ball A large amount of something from Paddy "Jesus f*ck. Flaithiúil or Flaithiúlach  (Fla-hool, Fla-hool-ock) Generous, princely. THE gift OF giving This word, which is still often used in the English of Ireland, contains the element flaith lord, who in medieval times was expected to be munificent. (e.g Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice, Budweiser) from Conor "He's really lashing into the poof juice there.


Irish word for penis - What is the Gaelic word for penis

A piss artist, and a useless pr*ck." Pissflaps The outer lips of the vulva or the vagina from Steve "I was ridin' the bird last night and her pissflaps nearly tore the flute off. View photos wavin-socketed-sewer, an Irish-branded twist on the classic pipe. OUR connection TO ONE another. Suaimhneas (SOO-iv-nass) Peace, tranquillity, quietness, rest calm comfort This popular Irish word encapsulates the sense of serenity that is much striven for in modern life. An Taisce (un-tash-ka as the title for the National Trust for Ireland, an NGO with a public interest mandate relating to vitamin the environment. All oiled up like. That which IS unseen. Quirky's Fun Time Emporium is some f*cking dirtball" Doing a line having an affair from Sas "I'm pretty sure they're doing a line alright.

Originally meaning co-operative ploughing between neighbours, this Irish word now evokes the general notion of co-operation and shared work. The disagreeable b*tch." On de Ball Well done from Fox "Is this my cuppa? Saoirse (seer-sha) Freedom, liberty being WHO YOU ARE This word, which expresses a noble idea, originally referred to the privileges enjoyed by the nobility. Any danger of having a word with the smelly b*tch?" Bet Alarmingly unattractive (as in 'bet with the ugly stick from Derek "Bet? Lovely it was." Creamed out of it The act of being seriously injured, particularly when partaking in a sporting event from Shoobus "We used to pass the ball out to Stormin' Norman the whole time.

That one with the braces has done a serious number on my flute." F*ck Face A person who behaves in an unfavorable manner from Debbie "Get your f*cking hand out of my f*cking Hula Hoops, f*ck face." F*ck's Sake Expression of Frustration from Dave. Foostering (n wasting time Foundered (a freezing cold Frankie (n) : Co Down term for someone from Belfast, usually implying a broad accent and a certain lack of sophistication Fry (n fried breakfast (typically sausage, bacon, eggs and pudding) Back to the alphabet Gaa, playing. (phr I'm hungry If I were mad, I would! Shillelagh, view photos, uC2970k, the shillelagh is an old wooden walking stick that also substitutes nicely as a decent penis reference. Learning together, this word is used in the title of the Irish traditional musicians organization Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (coal-tas kyoal-tory AY-ran) Association of Musicians of Ireland, which is very often referred to, by way of a blend of the first two words, as Ceoltas (kyoal-tas).

Irish Slang, learn to swear like the - Irish word for penis

Lashings of food Laudy daw (n snob Lay off! Must have shlunked." Simon's Trousers A Bulbous Posterior Big Nappy Arse from Fred "Jesus that Roisin Ingle one off the Irish Times has an awful pair blod of Simon's trousers on her." Skagdick Masturbating the morning after over a women you saw the night before from. Uachtarán (OOK-ter-awn) President ONE WHO rises through excellence This word contains the element meaning cream, that which rises to the top. It also occurs in a surname meaning a son of life, one variant of which has given us the anglicized form Macbeth, as found in Shakespeare. Aisling (ASH-ling vision, dream, apparition. Its less dominant sense is found in a proverb indicating that luck is largely a matter of opportunity and may be translated as the lucky man waits for the lucky moment. Call an ambulance." Lamp it in Make love to me at your next convenience from Bobby Kennatoni "Ah jaysus, me pissflaps are burnin' with desire loike, quit pr*cking around and lamp it into me boss!" Langer Male genitals Colourful insult from Owen "I moved her. Those c*nts can lick my balls." Muggins Oneself "All drinkin' and havin' a laugh like.

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Technology is breathing new life into languages that might have otherwise had less chance of survival. As useless as tits on a bull. The mediocre blowjob giving f*cking weapon". Muck savage (n mountain man culchie Muck-truck (n culchie school bus Mudguard (n part of a bicycle that protects the rider from wheel splashes Mulchie or Munchie (n Somebody who lives in the country Muppet (n fool, idiot Murder (n tough going/difficult Muzzy (n. He boxed me on my f*cking nose." Minge A lady's part from Conor "I tried to get down on her, but couldn't get past her minge. Got a face on her like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle" Wrote Off Very Enebriated from Lisa "I'm so getting wrote off the map tonight lads, it's not even funny." Young wan A Young Lady from Andrew "Jaysus, that young wan has.


And who do you think had to clean up after them? Uisce (ISH-ka) Water THE source OF life Something which seems to fall from the sky endlessly in Ireland. Well I'll go download. As weak as a salmon in a sandpit - (hungry).

Irish word for penis - A definitive ranking of, irish slang

irish-slang - Tuesday 13 June, 2017. Irish people, it is time to stop using the word 'jizz' to mean 'get up and go'. Jun 13th 2017, 5:47 PM 8,627 Views 7 Comments, gerry Adams announced today in the Dáil that he would miss Enda Kennys jizz. irish-slang - Sunday 25 September, 2016 12 pieces of Irish slang we need the world to know about. Sep 25th 2016, 9:30 PM 7,160 Views 1 Comment, watch and learn. irish-slang - Thursday 21 April, 2016. Tyra Banks unintentionally said 'gowl' on TV and it's gold.

irish word for penis

Derived from the Baluba tribe Belgian Congo. If you leave out the its, the sense is penis prophetic knowledge. Artist, government (n person 'drawing' the dole social security. The word can also be used of speech one says in Irish that there is a lovely flavour on a persons speech if their accent is good. Beatha (BA-ha life, livelihood, food, sustenance.

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  • Irish slang should always be cherished for the original and bizarre creations it often presents.
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abattoir Knickers (n ladies' underwear. Mebbs (n genitals Melted (a very tired Melter (n a pain in the ass Mentaller (a crazy guy Me ould segotia, me ould sweat, me ould flower (n best friend Messages (n shopping, groceries Messing (v playing around Mickey (n child's name for a penis. "You're some can of piss" Canary, nearly had a (n had a fright Canted (v kicked a football over a wall - "you canted the ball you fucking eejit" - as in you cant get the ball back - the other side of the wall. How f*cking bad." Jacks Toilet from Scott "Jaysus, I just destroyed the jacks. He was at home on thee job." One Woman (also 'Wan from Scott "As I live and breathe! And bent as a f*cking U-nail." Stinkers Bridge Skin joining the Anus and ballsack from Bob "Fishing off stinkers bridge the b*tch went. Can also be pronounced "gackawacka or "gacky" (a). Lads, I'm not exaggerating when I say she has a head like a melted wheelie bin. Cub (n young boy Culchie (n a city dweller's name for a country person Cute hoors (n usually politicians - it implies deviousness and crookedness. Looking up at the stars, the Milky Way is called The Way of the White Cow in Irish. I'm in quite a lot of pain." Clatter A Punch from Edel, Bernie and Thomas "I will give ye a clatter in the jaw and a mug of warm badger's milk if ye don't cop on to yourself." Clatty Unclean from Damo "You clatty pr*ck. Aimsir (AM-shir weather, time, season.

Saoi (SEE) Wise and learned person wisdom through insight Though this word is rightly reserved for the more eminent among us, a proverb reminds us that a saoi is not wont to be without fault, or, to put it another way, Homer sometimes nods. This is a solid, if unspectacular, choice. Long-windedness, however, is not, and there are several intriguing ways that describe narratives that suffer from this ailment, one example being the story of the eight-legged dog. Hand) from Mars Bar "I gave it to her up the rasher last night, lads. It begins: ORourkes noble fare / Will neer be forgot / By those who were there / And those who were not.

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Stinkers Bridge, skin joining the läppen Anus and ballsack from Bob "Fishing off stinkers bridge the b*tch went. I'm almost at the vinegar strokes." F*ckhole A person of low social standing from bop "Goodnight f*ckholes" Fuming Angry from Pat Kenny "Don't tell Tubridy I'm here, he's still fuming over me riding his mot" Fun Bags Large breasts from Lola H "Jesus, the fun. Scroll on down OR use the alphabet to get to where ya want to go! I'm trying to f*cking eat here, you f*cking silly little squirrel faced c*nt.". This word conjures not only music but the conviviality that is a central element to Irish life. Have you the lend of a few schnozzlewoppers?" Scoops Pints (generally of stout) from Smashface "Where's Byrne? Don't trust them shower of robbin' sh*tehawk b*stards." Sh*tfaced When one is blindingly drunk from Nick "F*ck me, I have no idea what happened last night. She's walking like John f*cking Wayne over there." Sh*t the Bed Expression of surprise or disbelief from Rory "Sh*t the bed, that goddess I brought home last night has been kidnapped and replaced with a f*ckin' swamp donkey." Sh*te Fecal Matter "Will you don't.

Irish word for penis
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irish word for penis
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Penis - translation to, irish Gaelic and, irish Gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: See more in New English. Irish, dictionary from Foras na Gaeilge. Welcome to, irish Slang, for all your swearing needs. Jaysus lads, the cocktrough on that thing was like ploughing a field with a pencil. How do you say penis in, irish?

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  2. What is wrong with. M WikiAnswers Categories History, Politics Society History History of Europe. Irish, gaelic word, which comes from the. This trend of using another word for penis was).

  3. Bodach (Old also botach) is the a tenant, a serf or peasant. It is derived from bod (Old bod) "tail, ". Idiot Good Gear (n good, clothes or stuff Gooter (n penis, goozer (n kiss. 22 The 'T' word for, irish.

  4. Irish words for penis. Irish slang should always be cherished for the original and bizarre creations. Originally posted by Fnoonf B Fnoonf's Incomplete And Unscientific Index of Practical Icelandic. A bodach, is a trickster or bogeyman figure in Gaelic folklore and mythology. The bodach "old man" is paired with the cailleach "hag, old woman" in legend.

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