Melon mynta sallad

melon mynta sallad

Melon - och fetaostsallad med mynta - Recept

This salad is the perfect end to a delicious meal. you can cut the melon into bite sized-chunks. Nutrition Facts, melon mint fruit salad, amount Per Serving. Cut the mint leaves into slivers and scatter over the melons, tossing lightly). Calories 913 Calories from Fat 18, daily Value total Fat. Youll marvel at how perfectly balanced the salad is and youll feel like youve satisfied your sweet tooth while cleansing your palette. If you have enough melon balls to cover a dish and present the nice round sides up to the world, no one will be the wiser. Loosely lay the prosciutto over a platter and pile the tomatoes and melon on top. Juice of a whole lime?

Melon mynta sallad - Sallad med fetaost, melon och mynta, recept

You might also enjoy. This melon mint fruit salad was something I thought of on the whim. A salad that will make your breath smell awesome? Top the half perfect melon balls with with cut mint leaves and generously squeeze lime juice on top and you have a fancy salad. Even when I make this for my family of seven we still have leftovers. Blanda om lite lätt och toppa med färsk mynta! Whenever we bought a melon (which was almost never) that melon baller would come ped out and Id be overly excited to use. Total Time 10 mins, melon mint fruit salad is simple exquisite. So since I use honey in almost of all of my fruit salad, I knew that this would be perfect. Sodium 325mg 14, potassium 4493mg 128 Total Carbohydrates 232g 77 Dietary Fiber 16g 64 Sugars 216g Protein 12g 24 Vitamin A 394.7 Vitamin C 528.7 Calcium.1 Iron.3 * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


A month ago I was helping my mom clean out some of her kitchen drawers and she offered up the infamous yellow melon baller. Add honey and mint, toss to coat. Melons are so cheap right now, so we have been eating them almost for every dinner. Put melon balls in a serving dish and refrigerate until cold. (recipe slightly adapted from, heart of the Artichoke by david Tanis serves 6-8 1 small cantaloupe 1 small honeydew melon 1 lime, halved handful mint leaves, cut the melons in half, remove seeds and make melon balls with a melon baller.

What I gathered is that you cant make a perfect melon ball; one edge is almost always slightly messed up, flat or has shreds of melon meat hanging off. The word 'prosciutto' is the handful mint, leaves picked, shredded mi-nt, there are several types of mint, each with its own subtle difference in flavour and appearance. I love fruit salads. The subtle mint flavor with the honey glaze creates the perfect balance to the sweetness of the melons.

Minted melon, tomato prosciutto salad recipe BBC Good Food - Melon mynta sallad

Kika även in vår lista på bästa tillbehör till grillen, ingredienser ca 0,5 vattenmelon 200 g feta ost färsk mynta. Sallad 12:00, weee, här har ni en av mina sommarfavoriter, supergott till grillat eller att bara äta som mellis, hehe! What have we learned here today? After I hacked up half of the cantaloupe, I walked up to my computer and immediately started watching melon balling videos on youtube (they totally exist!). . Precursor to my adulthood? Calories: 913 kcal, author: Sandra, ingredients billig 1 honeydew melon seeds skin removed, chopped into cubes 1 cantaloupe melon skin seeds removed, chopped into cubes 1/4 cup honey 2-3 tablespoon finely chopped mint leaves stems removed. I gladly accepted the challenge and when I flipped through the.

  • Melon mynta sallad
  • While growing up, I could always count on seeing a bright yellow plastic melon baller nestled in the back corner of my moms kitchen utensil drawer.
  • This melon mint fruit salad was something I thought of on the whim.
  • Melons are so cheap right now, so we have been eating them almost for every dinner.

Bust out your melon baller, it needs you! Check out these amazing combinations: Kiwi Berry Fruit Salad, Apple Walnut Fruit Salad, Apple Walnut Salad, Simple Fruit Salad, Fruit Salad with Lime Mint Dressing and, crown Ruby Fruit Salad. Pinterest board for later. I was under the impression that a melon baller will give you perfectly round spheres of fruit. Looking for some more deliciously healthy summer fruit salads that you can serve with dinner or devour as a dessert?


A melon baller that doesnt get used is a very sad melon baller indeed. It stood out among countless wine openers, toothpicks, random metal skewers and an egg slicer. Toppa gärna med lite rivet limeskal för en fräsch och syrlig touche! Drizzle with extra dressing, scatter with mint and serve straight away with crusty bread. While growing up, I could always count on seeing a bright yellow plastic melon baller nestled in the back corner of my moms kitchen utensil drawer. Just before serving, squeeze fresh lime juice over the melon toss. I bought some mint for some drinks that I was making and had a few leaves left over.

Melon mynta sallad - Vattenmelon- och fetaostsallad med mynta, supermat

4 portioner 1 kg melon, gärna olika sorter 2 lime, finrivet skal och saft.5 dl strösocker 3 dl strimlad mynta finns i Coops ekologiska sortiment 1, skär upp melonen och skär bort skalet. Tärna och kärna. 2, lägg melonbitarna på brickor. Ställ i frysen ca 1 tim. Ställ även serveringsglasen i frysen. 3, blanda socker, limeskal och mynta i en bunke. 4, vänd runt melonbitarna i sockerblandningen vid servering och lägg i de frostade glasen.

Gör såhär, skär melonen och feta osten i små tärningar. It's 1 tsp har honey huh-nee, honey is made by bees from the nectar they collect from flowers. Toss the tomatoes and melon together in a bowl with a little dressing, some sea salt and black pepper. Id like to say that my melon balling went swimmingly; it did not. Dont forget to pin this melon mint fruit salad to your favorite.

  • Melon mynta sallad
  • This melon and mint salad is perfect.
  • The honey and lemon juice create an amazingly light, sweet and tart dressing that pairs so well with the melon.
tried before and having them exceed my expectations. I will always store the rest in the fridge for a small sweet snack later, but really this salad is better fresh and so if I have leftovers after dinner I walk this over to my neighbors house and they love it as well. Viscous and fragrant, it's. Are you ready to dig in? Method, to make the dressing, whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl and set aside. I love honeydew but my kids are more fans of cantaloupe.

Instructions, cut and dice melon. Melon mint fruit salad is simple exquisite. 0 from 0 votes, melon mint fruit salad, prep Time 10 mins. That melon baller couldnt help but look pitiful needy from lack of use. Probably the most widely-used oil in cooking, olive oil is pressed from fresh olives. It was almost as if she was daring me to use.

Melon mint salad - Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Melon mynta sallad

Scattered chopped mint leaves? After you take your first bite of juicy sweet melon with mat the lime mint, youll forget about imperfections. Crusty bread, to serve, for the dressing 1 tbsp sherry or red wine vinegar 3 tbsp olive oil ol-iv oyl. The mint seems a bit rough and grainy and there wasnt something that bind the two flavors. Another reason I just love this melon mint fruit salad is that just with two melons you can feed a crowd with.

Melon mynta sallad
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melon mynta sallad
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Cut the flesh from the melon and cut into bite size pieces, removing and discarding the seeds, and set aside. Peel and slice the onion into rings. In a small bowl, combine the vinegar, salt, pepper, and whisk until salt is dissolved. Place watermelon in a large salad bowl. Pour dressing and chopped mint over the watermelon and toss gently to coat. Pour the crumbled feta into the salad bowl and stir gently to integrate the cheese into the salad.

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  4. Du behöver: 1 rödlök; 1/2 citron; 1 tsk honung; 1 kg vattenmelon ; 2 pkt fetaost (à 150 g 1 kruka färsk mynta ; olivolja; nymald svartpeppar. En lika vacker som god sallad med vattenmelon, fetaost och mynta. Servera som ett fräscht tillbehör till grillat eller som en god sallad till buffén).

  5. Den här goda melonsalladen med papaya, avokado och gurka är i första hand ett tillbehör och inte en dessert. Ringla över olivolja och limesaft. Melon - och fetaostsallad med mynta. Vänd ihop salladen strax före servering så blir den fräsch och krispig. Underbart somrig och fräsch sallad till buffén. Vår melon och fetaostsallad med mynta blir ett trevligt inslag till middagen, här hittar du receptet!

  6. Låt gärna salladen stå och. Den perfekta avslutningen på en god middag är ett frostat glas med isig melon, mynta och lime. Sallad med mynta, melon och parmesan. Smarrigt tillbehör med massor av smak! Passar lika bra som ensamrätt tillsammans med en bit gott.

  7. Denna enkla sallad med fetaost, melon och mynta är fantastiskt fräsch och passar bra till det mesta. Salladens söta melon och sältan från fetaosten piggas upp. En frisk och fräsch sallad på fetaost, melon och mynta är gott tillbehör på picknicken. Varva melontärningar, mynta och om du vill ha lite sting även chili i en skål. Rör ihop limesaft och honung, häll över och blanda runt.

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