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Will Wright (voiced by Jay Gragnani ) Donny's friend, who owns Riggo. Her name is also used for the series title. Dragon-Bot (Voiced by Jack Conely ) A Hi-Tech Robotic Dragon toy that belongs to Donny who Stuffy becomes jealous because he is more " hi-tech" than him. Cheers for Preschoolers." 4, on November 16, 2016, the series was renewed for a fifth season by Disney Junior. (Based on the game Rock'em Sock'em Robots ) Aurora (voiced by Laraine Newman ) A telescope belonging to Henry, who speaks in 60's hippie lingo and walks on her tripod. She stopped blowing bubbles when Alma accidentally filled her with paste instead of bubble soap. If Rescue Ronda can't perform a rescue herself, she'll direct her friends on how to help. She had a ripped leg, so when Doc fixed it, she decided to take her home. Note : Doc McStuffins is the only human character in the show that can talk to toys.


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Gloria the Giggling Gorilla (voiced by Lori Alan ) A purple stuffed recept toy Gorilla owned by Donny who loves to laugh. Little Jack (a.k.a Little J; voiced by Nolan Gould and Brady Tutton ) The son of Big Jack. Walter Gracie (voiced by Tom Kenny and Grey DeLisle ) Two walkie talkies that are both different genders. "Doc's Seek and Find Disney Junior". Ray is equipped with long-range vision and a white cord he shoots out with his right hand, extending his reach. 9 Her most regular use of it in the show is to cause toys, dolls, and stuffed animals to come to life.

In The Doc Files episode "Boppy's Boo Boo" Boppy was also known as "Bobby". He was scared to get a check-up, but then wasn't scary. (based on the line of Strawberry Shortcake dolls.) Penny Possum (voiced by Audrey Wasilewski ) Penny is the mother of three possum children, Pip, Flip, Trip (all voiced by Caitlyn Leone ). Like my freckles "These Exclusive New Doc McStuffins Images Will Cure What Ails You". Princess Persephone (voiced by Geena davis ) Count Clarence the Magnificent (voiced by Patton Oswalt ) Army Al (voiced by Rodger Bumpass ) Pop Up Paulo (voiced by Arturo Del Puerto ) Bernard (voiced by Matt Milne ) Doodle Doo (voiced by Nigel Harman ). (Officer Pete has a similarity to Sheriff from " Cars. Doc McStuffins' Visits 'Hundred Acre Wood' Jan. In Season 3 Doc opens up a veterinarian clinic for fixing toy pets in addition to the regular medical services that she provides for the other toys.

She talks like a rapper and uses phrases like "poppin and "solid." Super Stuntman Steve (voiced by Mike Vaughn ) -An extreme stunt motorcyclist action figure who belongs to Jacob. The night she came out of the box (Episode: "Starry Starry Night her vision was strangely blurred, and Doc led a search of Henry's yard to find Aurora's missing eyepiece. In Season four the Big Book of Boo Boos and The Big Vet Book go Hi Tech in a tablet form. Farmer Mack A toy farmer.

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Sofia mall The First' 'Doc McStuffins' Renewed At Disney Junior". Kay Hanley and, michelle Lewis. Each 11-minute episode includes original songs. Leliani (voiced by Liza Del Mundo ) A solar powered hula girl from Hawai'i. He is also friends with Lambie, Stuffy and Hallie. During ending credits in Season 1, Doc gives advice to viewers about staying healthy. He takes care of Doc and Donny, his children. Teddy Bear aka Bear (voiced by James Arnold Taylor ) A salmon colored teddy bear from the Tank Toy grabber crane machine.

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(Based on the Buddy-L line of toy trucks.) Carl Chug-a-Chug A streamline steam locomotive friction powered toy who resides in Doctor McStuffins' Clinic. In Season 2, Doc wears a School uniform consisting of a white short sleeve Polo Shirt ribbon tie, plaid skirt, white knee socks and a pair of Mary Jane shoes and also a sky blue mid sleeve t-shirt, a pink basketball jersey, a pair. Sir Kirby also has a crush with Lambie. (based on the Playmobil line of toys) Shinji A toy firefighter. (Names of Orville and Wilbur are named after the Wright Brothers who invented the airplane in 1903) Glo-Bo (voiced by Jim Belushi ) A toy monster with six arms, he is a friendly toy monster with a joyful personality. She is a doctor who works at a clinic.


In Canada, the show started airing on the Canadian Disney Junior channel on April 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM ET with an encore at 5:30. Once she didn't want to go back to Alma after being left out in the rain. "Nancy Kanter announces five new animated series for Disney Junior". My middle name is Philbert, but close enough. . Her job and passion is rescue missions, and has ended up in Doc's clinic more than once with damage taken in the line of duty. Brooks) and in the UK by Niki Felstead ) She is the mother of Doc and Donny and the wife. Bella (voiced by Julianne Buescher ) A ballerina like Lambie, only she's human and wears a blue outfit and speaks in a Russian accent. "Doc Me Disney Junior".

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Är sedan år 2017 marknadsledare inom online-försäljning av maskeradkläder, accessoarer, peruker och festdekorationer. Hos oss hittar du det största utbudet på maskeradkläder för vuxna och maskeradkläder för barn (från spindelmandräkter till Frost-Elsa klänningar) till det lägsta priset. Vi på garanterar att alla produkter du ser på sidan finns i lager och att de är redo att skickas hem till dig. Du kommer väl ihåg tillbehören för att fullborda din dräkt? Upptäck vårt utbud av tillbehör, maskeradkläder, peruker, hattar och smink som gör festen unik. Vi har utstyrslar för alla årets fester, som. Halloweendräkter och påskkläder, men även dräkter för jul, nyår och för alla andra tillfällen när det är lägligt att klä ut sig! Kolla in vårt videogalleri, för en riktigt lyckad maskerad. Där får du handledning i hur du gör snygga maskeradsminkningar och hur du fixar de finaste dekorationerna.

Curly-Q (a.k.a Q) A doll who is the benen newest member of "The Waiting Room Toys" who didn't like her original hair style and wanted a new hair style. Based on the game Rock'em Sock'em Robots. Star Blazer Zero (voiced by John Michael Higgins ) A toy alien who pilots a rocket ship, his catchphrases are "Kazowie" and "Kazow". Pickles the Bunny (voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey ) A stuffed bunny that wears bows on her ears and has a heart on her chest, she was in a box at Alma's yard sale and left because she thought that she wasn't loved anymore, later Doc.

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in the Wild". Reruns air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. "First Lady Michelle Obama Will Appear on Disney Cartoon Doc McStuffins". "The Search for Squibbles". 24 The show also is aired in many foreign countries and has been dubbed into several languages. Dress-Up Daisy (voiced by Amy Sedaris ) A fashion Doll that once belong to Katherine when she was Doc's age and was presumed lost after a gust of wind took her away while wearing a parachutist outfit. Bryant, Christian (July 4, 2016). Unnamed Cashier -The cashier who works at Archie's Arcade Carlos Ortiz (voiced by Elan Garfias and Teo Briones ) Doc and Donny's neighbor who owns Star Blazer Zero.

He is known as an intelligent rival to Professor Hootsburg. His design is partially inspired by Figment from the Epcot ride Journey Into Imagination. In the episode "Professor Pancake" she gets flattened under Doc's toy box. Me too Chilly, me too. But Doc didn't figure this out until she suffered a little sand in her own eye. She was named "Pickles" after Alma's favorite snack which are pickles.

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The series premiere attracted.08 million children ages 2 to 5, and the show has attracted an average of 918,000 viewers in the same demographic, leading AdWeek magazine to dub the show an "improbable ratings juggernaut". She also wants to be a doctor like her mother, one day. 23 In the UK, the show premiered on June 4, 2012, using British voice actors, replacing the original American soundtrack. Southwest munsår Sal (voiced by Laraine Newman ) - A toy cowgirl who is a literal cow. She is very sweet, likes to hug people, and is a gifted dancer who wears a pink bow with her matching tutu.

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doktor mcstuffins utklädningsdräkt
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Doc Mcstuffins - Full Episodes of Various Disney. Games for Kids (English) - 3 Hour Walkthrough Gameplay Subscribe to us doktor mc stuffins bozuk cd çalar. Doktor McStuffins Topp 10 Bästa diagnoser Disney Junior Sverige. Doktor McStuffins har haft många patienter med alla möjliga problem som hon måste försöka bota. Häng med oss när vi tittar på hennes topp 10 bästa diagnoser!

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  1. I den här fina. Har du och ditt barn ett intresse inom sjukvården? Tack vare leksaker från Doc. McStuffins kan ni tillsammans bota knepiga sjukdomar och hjälpa skadade.

  2. Vi har Nordens största utbud med blixtsnabba leveranser. Välkommen in och fynda,. Köp produkter från Disney Doc. McStuffins hos - Roligt sedan 1975! Snabba leveranser samt personlig service. Drömmen för många barn är att få bli en veterinär som tar hand om alla sjuka djur som kommer in till djursjukhuset.

  3. McStuffins - Disney online. Bra priser och snabb leverans. Disneys kanske sötaste lilla doktor måste väl ändå vara Doc, mcStuffins? Den gulliga lilla doktorn kommer till undsättning när leksakerna är trasiga och lagar. McStuffins, deluxe Maskeraddräkt till bra pris online.

  4. Hos oss har vi et stort utvalg av Doc. McStuffins produkter - Fri frakt ved kjøp over 600 kr! Handle online, bytt i alle butikker! En ursöt Disney, doktor McStuffins utklädningsdräkt i stl. Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt maskeraddräkt doc mcstuffins, maskerad och göra ett billigt tryggt köp Vårt köpskydd ger dig pengar tillbaka om något går fel.

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